What We Do

What We Do

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Tournament Consultation

As Tournament Consultants we organize, plan and also run events.

Premier Athletic Tournaments Specializes in tournament consultations, tournament program development, and facility advertising and sponsorship.

Tournament Program Development

Premier Athletic Tournaments creates a program for your tournament. Included are advertisements/game schedules/team pictures/maps and directions, to fields to name a few.

School District Advertising

With schools getting their budgets cut by millions of dollars, they are looking at new and old ways to generate revenue. What better way to support your schools than to advertise at sporting events. Banners, scoreboards signage, pamphlets are just some of the ways that business can advertise. Banners can be made portable to move from sport venue to sport venue.

Facility Advertising

Premier Athletic Tournaments offers a wealth of facility management experience, contacts and potential advertisers. Our executive team and sales staff will turn empty space into annual revenue.

What is the benefit of using Premier Athletic Tournaments?

We are a no risk company, if we don't make you money, we don't make money. Our unique and personal style targets grass roots marketing and allows businesses to reach their customers on a personal and affordable way.