What We Do

What We Do:
Tournament Program Development

Tournament Program Development Information

Your management team is focused on maximizing customer sales; let our Executive Team use existing space to increase facility revenue

  • Provide a program for your tournament which includes advertisements/game schedules/team pictures/maps and directions to fields
  • Work with community to establish sponsorship opportunities
  • Work with sponsoring club and make contacts among parents to help establish ads
  • 33% to 40% of total advertising revenue to Premier Athletic Tournaments.
  • Establish relationship relationship with President of Club/Director of Coaching
  • Annual meeting with managers/board
  • Contacts/relationships built within community
  • Acquire advertising and sponsorship for club to create revenue and partnerships
  • Every sponsorship will be on a yearly basis.

Tournament Program Development

Premier Athletic Tournaments creates a program for your tournament. Included are advertisements/game schedules/team pictures/maps and directions, to fields to name a few.

We go about putting this together by:

  • Working with communities to establish sponsorship opportunities
  • Working with sponsoring clubs to make contacts among parents that help establish ads

How it comes together

  • Establish relationships with President of Club/Director of Coaching
  • Make contacts/relationships within communities.
  • Acquire advertising and sponsorship for clubs to create revenue and partnerships
  • Set up meetings with managers and board members to keep all involved and to give updates.
  • We take 33 -40%* of advertising revenue. (*Depending on use of graphic layout person)
  • Work with local graphic artist and printing companies to get best deals.
  • Handle graphic layout expenses.
  • Provide you with incentive ideas to maximize your clubs contacts.

Club/Teams Responsibilities

  • Pay printing costs
  • Provide us with club contacts and let us tap into their resources.
  • Provide schedules, maps, welcome letter, etc. in a timely manner.