What We Do

What We Do:
Tournament Consultation

As Tournament Consultants we organize, plan and also run events.

Organize and Plan the event

  • Recommendations for website tournament maintenance
  • Help with field requirements/best locations/how to acquire
  • Meet to go over tournament needs/financials/structure
  • Provide an outline of management costs and services
  • Bring our knowledge and experience in order to minimize problems.

Run the event:

  • Work with US Club and your State Association to get tournament sanctioned.
  • Set up registration, ordering of tournament essentials such as tents, awards, etc.
  • Work with your referee assignor to establish referee needs
  • Provide site coordination during the tournament
  • Submit all paperwork and final reports to club and state associations as needed
  • Establish meetings and create a team of individuals for your club to provide assistance.
  • Handle problems and issues that come up before, during and after an event.
  • Price is negotiable on distance, size, and involvement.